We offer wholesale of sportsballs and gear for clubs and organisations.

Quality at the right price, produced in India by established manufacturers.

RUGBYBALLS made for your satisfaction; we accept only IRB STANDARD handstitched balls in the best quality to match your players demands.
As for the grip surfaces we use only the best and newest, we know as former players ourselves, how a great ball must feel. 

SOCCER BALLS are made to match highest standards and Pro Series are made with FIFA approved surface.

This is not a webshop, we stay for now without to lower all costs, you are asked to mail us and we will reply with our best price!

Our MOQ will give you a satisfying 30% cost reduction, be happy to compare our products with others elsewhere on the net!
 Give some expensive balls a look anywhere and find one here for comparing...surprised! 

We shall continiusly improve this homepage by extending the groups of goods.

Safe payment with your creditcard via Paypal, and/or in Denmark with MobilePay Business number 9389 9489.
Freight with DSV, Danske Post etc. will be added each order.
Pick up can be arranged at no costs.

TLF. +4593899489

CVR 37385484

mouthguard in box, standard clear 
or coloured new soft fit, as picture above.
See page; protection.

Proud to be sponsoring 
the Danish Rugby Unions 
national teams with our rugbyballs...